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Law’12 grads return to discuss their varied paths to career success

(February 23, 2018)

At Queen’s Law, students past and present are part of a strong community of peers and mentors that begins at school and carries on after graduation. On February 2, six Law’12 alumni – Sonia Beauchamp, Jonah Goldberg, Brooke MacKenzie, Caity O’Connor, Husein Panju and Brittany Sargent – returned to their alma mater to discuss the diverse ways in which their careers have unfolded.

Inaugural Lederman Visitor offers innovative ‘four-sided’ view of ‘Reconciliation’

(February 12, 2018)

As Professor Mark S. Dockstator (the inaugural William R. Lederman Visitor to Queen’s Law) sees it, understanding Reconciliation and building a conceptual framework that will help all sides come to grips with the key issues is really all a matter of perspective. 

Queen’s Law Career Development Office key to grads’ early career success

(February 5, 2018)

To help Queen’s Law students navigate the job search process and achieve their individual goals, the school’s Law Career Development Office has been offering a tailored Career Management Plan (CMP) program for several years. Some of the first beneficiaries of the CMP share how the program helped them.