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Celebrate Queen's Law in Toronto

Thursday, May 24, 2018 (5:30 – 7:30pm)
CI Financial
Toronto, Ontario

Registration Information:  Reception is hosted by CI Financial.  For more details and to register please click here.


Homecoming 2017

Make your plans to return to Queen’s Law!

For details on events for classes celebrating an anniversary in 2018, contact your Class Reunion Coordinator:

1960-1967 (Tricolour Guard)

Dianne Butler or 1-800-267-7837 ext 78471
1963 (55th Reunion)
1973 (45th Reunion)
John Hill             
David Hurren     
1983 (35th Reunion)
Carol Cochrane     
Bruce Darlington  
John Raftery         
1993 (25th Reunion or Cha Cheill! Anniversary)
Jin Choi               
Sheila Colman   
Frank Walwyn   
2008 (10th Reunion)
2013 (5th Reunion)

For details of Law Faculty events contact Dianne Butler or Violeta Andrevska

2017 gallery

Please note that a photographer or videographer may be present to record these events. Photos or videos of this event may be used in print or on the Web at the sole discretion of the Queen's University Faculty of Law. Please inform our photographer/videographer if you prefer not to be photographed or recorded.