Professor Öztürk was born and raised in Istanbul. He is Associate Professor in Constitutional Law at Istanbul University, Faculty of Law.  He is currently working on public participation in constitution making, and application of check and balances in presidential systems. He holds an L.L.B from Istanbul University, Turkey, an L.L.M from California Western University, USA and an L.L.M from Queens University in Canada in 2005. He completed his Ph.D. in Istanbul University, Turkey.

His publications include: 


  • ABD ve Kanada Federalizmi (American and Canadian Federalism) (Istanbul, Filiz Publishing, 2021). 
  • Karşılaştırmalı Anayasa Yargısında Politik Sorun ve Yargısal Aktivizm Doktrini (Political Question and Judicial Activism Doctrine in Comparative Constitutional Jurisdiction: Do We Need Judicial Review?), 4th ed. (Istanbul, Filiz Publishing House, 2021), 
  • Yeni Anayasa İçin Yol Haritası, ed. Fatih Öztürk (A Route Map of A New Constitution For Turkey), 3rd ed. (Istanbul, Filiz Publishing House, 2021), 
  • Hukuk ve Din (Law and Religion, 732 pgs. translated from English to Turkish) Istanbul, 2019.
  • Essays in Turkish and Comparative Law(Istanbul, Filiz Publishing House, 2013), Ottoman & Turkish Law, (Bloomington, Indiana, USA, iUniverse LLC, 2014), and 
  • A Road Map of A New Constitution for Turkey: Essays in Comparative Constitutional Law, ed. Fatih ÖZTÜRK, Murat YANIK, Hüseyin ÖZCAN, (Durham, North Carolina, USA, Carolina Academic Press, 2014). 


  • The Concept of Judicial Independence and the Removal from Office of Superior Court Judges in the Canadian Judicial System, 
  • The Ottoman Millet System, 
  • Manifestation of Religion and Religious Education under the ECHR Jurisdiction, 
  • Introduction to Minority Issues in Turkey: The Constitution-Making Process and EU Integration, 
  • Critics of Will Kymlicka’s Liberal Minority Rights: Failure to Protect Religious Minorities, 
  • The Republic of Turkey and Women in Divorce Cases.  
  • Religious Freedom and Religious Minorities: The Right to Religious Education under the UN System.