Kathy Ferreira has been the Director of the Queen’s Prison Law Clinic (QPLC) since 2017.  She has many years of experience working at QPLC as she was hired as a Staff Lawyer in 2003 and among other responsibilities carried her own caseload at Warkworth Institution, where she enjoyed the regular client interaction and direct representation.  After winning the class prize in the Queen’s Correctional Law Project [as it then was], Kathy clerked at the Superior Court Central West (clerking is AMAZING!) and worked briefly in downtown Toronto at the Legal Aid Research Facility [now LAO LAW].  She now enjoys teaching Law 418 and supervising the hard-working and creative students of QPLC.  She attends prisoner groups and speaks to them on a regular basis at their request or in coordination with the John Howard Society, Kingston.  She is thrilled to be working with Paul and Nancy as the QPLC continues to expand its litigation capacity, including with the assistance of the students in the pilot course of Advanced Prison Law (Law 419).  She currently sits on LAO’s Prison Law Advisory Committee and Test-Case Committee.  Kathy’s idea of the perfect afternoon is watching the New York Yankees win the World Series at Yankee Stadium.