Richard Chaykowski received his PhD from Cornell University. Dr. Chaykowski is currently a faculty member in the Faculty of Arts and Science and in the Faculty of Law (cross-appointed) at Queen's University. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the MIT and a visitor at the University of Toronto and at McGill University.

Dr. Chaykowski has also been Visiting Chair at Human Resources and Social Development in the federal government, where he was situated in Strategic Policy. His role within government was to support the development of high-quality, evidence-based policy, and provide a ‘challenge function' as policies are being developed.

Prof. Chaykowski's teaching and research interests include labour policy and its role in the new economy, the intersection of labour policy and law, labour market institutions, labour relations and collective bargaining, North American labour markets, workplace training and innovation, and the impacts of technological change in the workplace. He is frequently requested to speak on these issues in a wide range of forums in both the private and public sectors, including union and senior management groups as well as departments of the Government of Canada. He has also provided support to these stakeholders in a variety of capacities.

His published work has included scholarly articles in journals in economics, such as the Canadian Journal of Economics, the North American Journal of Economics and Finance,Canadian Public Policy, Canadian Business Economics,and Research in Labor Economics, in industrial relations, such as the Industrial and Labor Relations Review, the British Journal of Industrial RelationsIndustrial Relations, the Journal of Labor ResearchRelations industrielles, and Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, and law, such as the Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal and the Saskatchewan Law Review. He has also published articles in such broader publications as the Workplace Gazette, Collective Bargaining ReviewPolicy Options, and The Financial Post. He has published over forty papers in edited volumes, periodicals, academic proceedings, and as other professional or technical reports. Has also been a guest co-editor of special issues of the journals Relations industrielles and Canadian Public Policy.

Recent Publications

  •  Industrial Relations in Canadian Industry (co-edited with Anil Verma)
  •  Research in Workers' Compensation (co-edited with Terry Thomason)
  •  Transition and Structural Change in the North American Labour Market (co-edited with Charles Beach and Michael Abbott)
  •  Contract and Commitment: Employment Relations in the New Economy (co-edited with Anil Verma) 1999
  •  Women and Work (co-edited with Lisa Powell) 1999
  •  Globalization and the Canadian Economy 2001
  •  Modern Labour Economics: Theory and Public Policy, First Canadian Edition (with R. Ehrenberg and R. Smith) 2004
  • Health Services Restructuring in Canada: New Evidence and New Directions, (co-edited with C. Beach, S. Shortt, F. St. Hilaire, and A. Sweetman) Kingston ON: John Deutsch Institute, Queen’s University; and Montreal: IRPP) 2006
  • Reform of the Conduct and Structure of Labour Relations in the Ontario Broader Public Service: Report to the Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Service, (with R. Hickey). Kingston, ON: Queen’s University School of Policy Studies (Industrial Relations Series) 2012
  • Building More Effective Labour-Management Relationships, (co-edited with R. Hickey). Kingston ON: Queen’s University School of Policy Studies (in press).