Monday, October 15, 2018
1-2:30pm, Macdonald Hall, room 202

Erica S. Lawson, University of Western Ontario

TopicThe Pursuit of Justice in Peace Huts: A Feminist View from Liberia

How do women utilize motherwork to end war and re-shape political culture for peace, security and justice? We explore this question by examining women’s motherwork at the site of peace huts established by women at the end of a14-year civil war in Liberia. We further address three principles of African feminist theory - holism, collectivity, and situationality -  that underpin the work that women do in peace huts. The collaborative project on which this talk is based seeks to translate research findings into greater capacity building for women who work in peace huts to influence policy and law and to advance gender equality across institutions in a post-conflict context.