Make your plans to return to Queen’s Law!

We have a full weekend of events planned for our 62nd Homecoming that you don't want to miss.

Friday, September 20th:

8:00 pm Welcome Back Reception at the Grad Club  

Saturday, September 21st:

9:30 am-10:30 am Law Clinics Open House at LaSalle Mews, 5th Floor  
11:00 am, 11:30 am & 12:00 pm Student guided tours of Macdonald Hall and Refreshments at Learning Commons, Macdonald Hall  
4:30 pm-5:30 pm "State of the Faculty" Address by Dean Mark Walters, Law'89 and members of the Faculty at MacDonald Hall  
5:30 pm-7:00 pm Dean's Cocktail Reception hosted by Dean Mark Walters, Law'89 at the Lederman Law Library  
7:30 pm Class Dinners  

Sunday, September 22nd:

8:00 am 3rd Annual Queen's Law Fall Classic Charity Event at the Loyalist Golf & Country Club  


For classes celebrating an anniversary in 2019, contact your Class Reunion Coordinator for event details.


1960-1969 (Tricolour Guard)  
1964 (55th Reunion) Robert Kennedy
Frank Tanner
Walter Viner
1969 (50th Reunion - Sept 13-15) Don Bayne
Rob Nelson
1974 (45th Reunion) Marlene Thomas
1979 (40th Reunion) Lindsay Horwood
Peter Lukasiewicz
Greg Richards
Andy Trevoy
1984 (35th Reunion) Sharon Addison
Betty DelBianco
Carman Overholt
Patry Taylor 
1989 (30th Reunion) Tracy Kay
Brian Kelly
Dhaman Kisson
1994 (25th Reunion or Cha Cheill! Anniversary) Jacqueline Armstrong Gates
Stephen Goodwin
Claire Kennedy
Hemamalini Moorthy
Daina Selvig
Katherine Tew Darras
1999 (20th Reunion) Marcelle Cerny
Chris Ellis
Ali Nowak
Thomas Zverina
2004 (15th Reunion)

Meaghan Obee-Tower
TJ Adhihetty
Manjot Hallen

2009 (10th Reunion) Alicia Evers
Emilie Nicholas
2014 (5th Reunion)

Aaron Bains
Sheru Abdulhusein
Noel Chow