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Meet our PhD students

Meet some of our students, and learn why they chose to pursue their doctoral studies at Queen's Law.


Photo of Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell

Hometown: Etobicoke, ON

Focus: Elder and Criminal Law

“Dementia has the potential to affect every aspect of people's lives, including their relationship with the criminal justice system.”


Photo of Cristobal Caviedes

Cristóbal Caviedes

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Focus: Constitutional law, Philosophy of law

“My research critically analyses the use of majority voting by constitutional courts in deciding judicial review cases”


Photo of Ana Patricia Chuc Gamboa

Ana Patricia Chuc Gamboa

Hometown: Mérida, Mexico

Focus: International Human Rights and International Trade Regulation

“Law has no boundaries and should provide the possible means to achieve a better fairer and better future for all.”


Photo of Santino Dau

Santino Dau

Hometown: Pariang Town, South Sudan

Focus: Human rights, international law

“Law affects virtually every aspect of human life and institutions that regulate our conduct and choices, whether such choices are social, economic, social or political in nature.”


Photo of Debra Haak

Debra Haak

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Focus: Harm and the role of choice in evaluating legal responses to the commercial exchange of sex for compensation.

“I find the discourses around prostitution and sex work and the normative recommendations associated with them insufficiently nuanced. My goal is to find a way to reconcile the concerns reflected in these discourses in a way that recognizes the lived experiences of conflicting marginalized rights-bearing communities."


Photo of Stephanie Sugar

Stephanie Sugar

Hometown: Aurora, ON

Focus: Legal theory, remedial legislation (franchise and class actions law), and civil procedure

“What I find most intriguing are the intersections of ideological conceptions of what law is, and how law is applied in practice.”


Photo of Ksenia Polanskaya

Ksenia Polonskaya

Hometown: Krasnodar, Russia

Focus: Dispute settlements in international law

“My research impacts how we perceive the subject matter of arbitration and the scope of applicable law as well as arbitral discretion.”


Photo of Chris Waters

Chris Waters

Hometown: Hamilton, ON

Focus: Military law

“The Somalia Crisis and the aftermath was the catalyst for my choosing a change of career to law.”