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Application for admission should be made to the JD (Juris Doctor) Program by a web-based application process through the Ontario Law School Application Service (OLSAS), 170 Research Lane, Guelph, Ontario N1G 5E2, telephone (519) 823-1063, e-mail olsas@ouac.on.ca. Print application forms may be requested from and filed with OLSAS at an additional fee.

The deadline for admission to first year law is November 1 for studies commencing the following September.

The deadline for all upper-year applications, including applications in the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) category, are due on May 1 for studies commencing in September.

First Year Application Process

From late November through January, application materials are forwarded from OLSAS to each law school to which the applicant has applied. The admissions cycle commences in early January. Offers of admission are made on a rolling basis as files become complete and are considered by the Admissions Committee. Decisions are based on the assessment of documentation only. Interviews form no part of the formal admissions process.

In July, when all the places in the class are filled, a waiting list is established to fill vacancies as they occur. Applicants will be advised, in writing, about any acceptance or rejection. Applicants are considered for admission scholarships at the time an offer of admission is issued. No further action is required from applicants to be considered for such scholarships. Other entrance scholarships are available by application after registration. Applicants should participate in the Law Admission Bursary Program by submitting an application before the deadline in early December. For further information about needs-based financial assistance for law students, see the Queen's University Student Awards website for law students.

Upper Year Application Process

The number of openings in each upper-year category is dependent on the internal attrition rates at the law school. Usually the number of places available in each category cannot be known precisely until late June when the Faculty ascertains how many of its students are seeking to transfer elsewhere, how many are taking an approved leave, and how many are returning to study. The number of places is never large and occasionally there are no places at all. In particular, there have been very few openings for the admission of NCA applicants who are recommended to complete more than eight to ten courses. Typically the Admissions Office receives many more applications from candidates that meet the minimum standards than there are places available.

All upper-year applicants are required to have both a sound academic record and good personal or academic reasons for wanting to study at the Faculty of Law of Queen’s University.

Decisions on upper-year transfer, letter of permission and NCA applications are generally made in July. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that all documentation is submitted to OLSAS on a timely basis. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. Transcripts, confidential letters of reference and NCA letters of recommendation must be received no later than June 30 to be considered.

Applicants must complete the OLSAS transcript request form for the institutions they have attended and/or are now attending. The transcript should be forwarded from the institution directly to OLSAS. Transcripts submitted in support of an application become the property of Queen’s University, may be subject to verification/authentification and are not available for copying.