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Ten Things about Queen's Law


Students give Queen's Law top marks! Photo: Greg Black

In a North American survey of law schools, the Law School Survey of Student Engagement, Queen’s Law students gave the school an A+.

96% of our third-year students described their Queen's Law experience as "Excellent" or "Good" – 16% higher than the average at other Canadian law schools. And 96% of them said they'd choose Queen's Law again, 12% higher than other Canadian law schools.

That's high praise from the people whose opinions matter the most to us.

Queen's Law has unique experiential opportunities

With the widest range of clinical opportunities of any law school in Canada, Queen's Law operates five legal aid clinics all co-located in a beautifully renovated office in downtown Kingston, a short walk from the law school. The Queen's Law Clinics cover a range of services including Prison Law, Family Law, Elder Law, Business Law and Poverty Law. Student caseworkers, supported and supervised by full-time directors and review counsel, provide hands-on free legal assistance to low-income residents of Kingston and the surrounding area.

Experiential learning at Queen's also includes a first-rate mooting program, two law journals, a thriving Pro Bono Students Canada chapter, and a wide variety of internship and externship possibilities. We are committed to offering experiential opportunities to 100% of our students. 

Kingston is the best. Seriously, it's a great place to live and study.

"I love Kingston!" No matter where our students come from (including, yes, Toronto!), it only takes a couple of weeks to fall in love with Canada's first capital. A beautiful downtown, dynamic food scene, affordable cost of living, and proximity to the law school makes it a city that's easy on the eyes, great for the wallet, and full of both indoor and outdoor surprises. You can read more about Queen's and Kingston in our 2016 law student housing factsheet.

Only a few minutes walk for our students to campus

A large majority of our students can reach the law school in less than 10 minutes... on foot. An average of 30% of other Canadian law students spend more than five hours per week commuting to class.

What does that mean to our students? It means less time and money spent commuting, and...

  • More time for their studies
  • More time with professors
  • More time for extracurriculars (we have over 30 clubs, five sports teams, and more) 
  • More time with colleagues and friends 
  • More time to explore career opportunities




Queen's Law has a great career development program

Our Career Development Office works hard for our students – in a typical class, 75-80% of our students have already secured articles by the beginning of their third year; practically all by graduation. 75% of our Law'17 students had summer placements by the end of their second year! Every year, the CDO provides Queen's Law students with 1000+ counselling appointments, bolstered by over three dozen seminars and presentations. Their services include: 

  • Comprehensive career management planning
  • Unlimited individual counselling sessions
  • Seminars and workshops on a range of topics
  • A broad network of alumni
  • A tradition of peer support
  • Opportunities to meet employers from a variety of locations  and legal interests including government, public interest, small, mid, and large firms in full service or boutique environments
  • Comprehensive print and online resources

Our Career Development Office listens – we help students understand their strengths and the variety of short and long term career options available. This includes public service, public interest, smaller firms, traditional and non-traditional legal careers. Whether your path in law takes you to the big city or the Far North – or anywhere in between – we will support you to get there.

In which year do our students first secure articling – and where do they article? 
where our students article by year where our students article

Some students secure their future articling positions as early as first year, most in second year, and almost all remaining students secure positions through their third year at Queen's. 

60% of our students article in Toronto in the GTA, with Queen's Law students placed at every major Canadian law firm. Our proximity to Ottawa also enables our students to seek prestigious placements in the nation’s capital.

It's no wonder that 99% of our students recommend the CDO. The proof of their hard work can be found in our leading placement rates, and in the presence of Queen's Law alumni in law offices across Canada and around the world. 

Queen's Law offers international study experiences with global partners.

We have student exchanges with 19 top law schools around the world, ranging from Cape Town to Hong Kong. We have almost 40 outgoing and incoming students on exchange every year. Queen's Law students have access to an array of global opportunities unlike any other. These include opportunities to study at:

  • University of Cape Town
  • Fudan University
  • Jindal Global Law School
  • The University of Hong Kong
  • National University of Singapore
  • University of New South Wales
  • Victoria University Of Wellington
  • University of Groningen
  • Université Jean Moulin
  • Lyon III
  • Koç University Faculty of Law
  • Tel Aviv University...

and the list goes on! We also participate in international moots, allowing our students to test their mettle across the globe against other law schools in simulated courtroom environments. 

Bader International Study Centre, England Perhaps most impressively... Queen’s has its own castle in England.

The Castle is the cornerstone of our global programs, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone who spends a summer there. Global Law Programs in International Business Law and Public International Law are offered each spring through the Bader International Study Centre at Herstonceux Castle in East Sussex, England. They bring together legal experts from our faculty, and also from across the world, in an intensive session of studies followed by most exciting field trips you'll ever experience: Paris, The Hague and Geneva. 






we offer a wide range of combined programs

Queen's Law has an impressive number of combined programs, in a range of disciplines. A range of business options -- Bachelor of Commerce/JD, MBA/JD, and a JD combined with a Graduate Diploma in Business are all ways to combine a law degree with credentials from one of Canada's most acclaimed business schools, the Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business. We also offer specialized combined degrees in a number of other areas: Master of Arts (Economics)/JD, Master of Industrial Relations/JD and Master of Public Administration/JD, each offering a distinctive educational opportunity and opening the door to an even wider range of career possibilities for its graduates. In partnership with the Université de Sherbrooke, we're proud to offer a combined Civil Law/Common Law joint program that lets students master the skills they need to practice anywhere in the country, and also to live in two of Canada's great small cities. 

our growing faculty is made up of leading scholars

Queen's Law added four new faculty members in 2015-16, part of a 20% growth in our faculty numbers since 2013. Our faculty are widely published, frequently appear in the media as experts, and travel the globe to speak at universities around the world about their specific areas of research. They're also renowned for their openness and accessibility, letting our students maximize Kingston's advantages to spend more time with professors and less time in transit. And, while our professors travel the globe to share their expertise, we're happy to reciprocate, bringing dozens of international scholars to speak at the campus every year.

our students are fantastic

Every year, 200 students join us in the JD program at Queen's Law, representing a breadth of cultures and backgrounds from across Canada. We choose students not only based on their grades but also their life experience, their passions, and what we feel they will bring to the school. Queen's Law celebrates diversity, with an admissions process designed to ensure that our student body is widely representative.  

Queen's Law students raise thousands of dollars every year for charity, and through our over 30 clubs and sports teams, have the kind of vibrant social and academic life that is only really possible in an environment where the school is just a few short steps from your door. We deliver a rigorous academic experience, but the strong community at Queen's Law also ensures that our graduates leave with a slate of soft skills – such as teamwork, leadership, engagement and collaboration – prized by today's employers. 

Our graduate students are no less exceptional: with a robust LLM and PhD program, we are home to roughly two dozen students from Canada and from around the world, pursuing higher education under the supervision of our renowned faculty. 


Queen's Law has affordable tuition and strong financial support.

Each year, Queen's Law provides approximately $4.8 million in total financial assistance to our students. Building donor support for student financial aid remains one of our top fundraising priorities.

JD tuition at Queen's Law is currently $18,330 for Canadian students; significantly less than several other Ontario law schools. We're committed to making a great legal education at one of Canada’s most prestigious law schools as accessible as possible. Scholarship consideration is an automatic part of our application process: we investigate every offered student's eligibility for merit-based funding, and are here to help you find other sources of support if you choose to study with us. 

We have a broad range of student bursaries that back up our commitment to accessibility, and will help you find the sources of support that suit you best.  

Law'80 alumni with award winner Harvey Brownstone

When you graduate with Queen's Law, you'll be graduating with a group of people you'll know for the rest of your career – and beyond. We're constantly amazed by the loyalty, camaraderie and enthusiasm of our graduates, and their willingness to help out other Queen's Law grads is second to none.

Every year, at Homecoming and other events across the country, we see our alumni come out to reminisce, but also to network, meet new graduates, and see how they can help their fellow Queen's Law grads find a foothold in the legal industry.

New graduates find themselves with a ready-made network in whatever firm they wind up working with; the words "Queen's Law" often open some remarkable doors in their legal careers.