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Faculty of Law

Queen’s Law has a longstanding commitment to an inclusive and accessible legal education. We believe that the legal profession must always strive to reflect the diversity of the Canadian society it serves.

Queen’s Law was one of the first law schools in Canada to create a specialized admissions Access Category, in 1974. This was followed by the introduction of an Aboriginal Category in 1978 (for further information, see our page on Aboriginal initiatives). Our goal has always been to broaden and diversify the range of students admitted to Queen’s, with a particular focus on underrepresented and equity-seeking groups. In 1992, we opened an Equity Office to provide supportive counselling and programming for law students, especially students from marginalized, disadvantaged or equity-seeking groups.

Our students, faculty and alumni come from all backgrounds and walks of life. This is reflected in the recent demographic survey of our incoming 2020 class (80% response rate). More statistics on the Class of 2020, such as their LSAT scores, undergraduate averages, and more, can be found at our Statistics page. 

The below information is also available as a poster-sized PDF.

30% identify as a member of a racialized group

1 in 7 students identify as LGBTQ

15.7% of students are first in their generation to attend university

Education before Queen's Law

1 in 9 students are born outside of Canada

1 in 6 students speak a language other than english or french at home

1 in 8 students identifies as having a disability

where are our first year students from?

If you have any questions about diversity, equity, or how our Equity Office works to support students from all backgrounds at Queen’s Law, please feel free to contact Education & Equity Services

*"Honours" refers to a four-year honours degree from an undergraduate institution.