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Part Time JD Program

A maximum of five persons may be admitted on a part-time basis to the first-year JD degree program in each admissions cycle. Such applicants must meet the admissions standards required of applicants for full-time study and are assessed for admission using the same criteria. The Admissions Committee will consider the reasons provided for studying on a part-time basis and the competitive strength of the application in the category of admission claimed. Applicants accepted as part-time students are expected to complete the JD degree program within six years. The JD program is not offered by distance education and it is not recommended for students who would be commuting long distances on a regular basis to attend class.

Part-time students are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations of the JD program in addition to the following rules and procedures pertaining specifically to the part-time studies program:

The courses studied in the first year of the part-time program will be decided on by the student in consultation with the Manager of the Academic Program, Nancy Somers. During the first year, the student normally will be assigned to a small section and is expected to complete the Legal Skills Program. In the following years, part-time students are required to complete their compulsory first year curriculum and select upper year courses in consultation with the Manager of the Academic Program as part of the upper year course balloting process.

Part-time students may take no more than 12 credits (for a maximum of three courses) in any term, except in exceptional circumstances approved by the Academic Standing and Policies Committee (see Faculty Board), and no less than seven credits in any term unless fewer than seven credits are required in order to complete the requirements of the JD degree. 

Tuition fees charged for a course overload at part-time status may mean that it is financially more advantageous to seek approval for transfer to full-time status. With the approval of the Academic Standing and Policies Committee, extended track students may elect to take more than half a normal course load and, indeed, may elect to pursue full-time studies prior to commencement of any academic term, and may thereafter elect to revert to part-time studies for any subsequent terms. Part-time students will be subject to the same grading and policy and promotion requirements as full-time students, such requirements to be applied mutatis mutandis. The part-time student may, however, be entitled to write a supplemental examination before the completion of an academic year.  Students registered in the part-time program are expected to complete the JD program within six years. In exceptional circumstances, the Academic Standing and Policies Committee may waive this requirement. 

Second year part-time students still completing the first year curriculum should contact the Manager of the Academic Program, Nancy Somers at somersn@queensu.ca to choose which section of the first year courses they want prior to the opening of the upper year electronic course pre-registration process through SOLUS. Thereafter such part-time students may choose the balance of their upper year electives through the electronic course pre-registration process on SOLUS.  Students must have completed the pre-requisite courses in order to obtain registration in certain upper year courses.