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Lawyer Involvement

Lawyers in the Kingston community can become involved with Queen's Pro Bono in two ways: they can supervise placements with organizations in the community, or those lawyers working on their own pro bono work can have our volunteers assist them with their research.

What is the role of a Lawyer Supervisor?

Being a lawyer supervisor is the easiest way to get involved with Queen's Pro Bono, taking only 5-10 hours over the course of the school year. Lawyer Supervisors do not need to be on-site with the students at all times, but they must be accessible for the student to contact if any difficulties arise. Acting as a Lawyer Supervisor lets you interact with a law student and be a resource to help in their education. The role involves:

  • An initial meeting with the Pro Bono Coordinators and project supervisor, if possible, to finalize the details of the project. The role of the lawyer supervisor is to make sure that the project is something a law student is capable of doing and that it does not go beyond providing legal information. (approximately 1 hour)
  • Periodic review and troubleshooting with the student over the course of the year. (approximately 3 hours over six months)
  • Final review of the completed work to ensure that the scope of the work does not go beyond legal information. (approximately 2 hours)

How do I get involved with Queen's Pro Bono?

  • If you would like to be a Lawyer Supervisor, contact your local Program Coordinators.
  • If you are already doing pro bono work and are interested in having our students help, contact your local Program Coordinators.