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Organization Involvement

Each year, PBSC partners with non-profit organizations in the Kingston community and beyond to offer them free legal services in exchange for a valuable learning opportunity for our students.

Why should my organization get involved?

PBSC offers non-profit organizations access to free legal services - services that they might not otherwise have the means to access. We will work with you and the Lawyer Supervisor for your project to develop a project that meets your needs as an organization while still providing a challenging learning opportunity for our students. We will determine the number of students required to complete the project in the desired timeframe and provide volunteers trained in legal research and committed to completing the project.

What do I have to do as an organization contact?

Organizations are responsible for securing a lawyer to supervise the project (find more information about the role of Lawyer Supervisors and the time commitment involved). We are happy to work with organizations to draft a letter asking lawyers to become involved in the program. A supervising lawyer is absolutely necessary in order to set up a project with PBSC.

Organization contacts must be accessible to the students throughout the year, should they need clarification or guidance. Organization contacts are asked to complete a short evaluation form at the end of the year.

PBSC coordinators are always happy to answer any questions an organization may have. As well, we are available as a resource throughout the school year if any difficulties arise. We are happy to work with organizations to set up new projects and we can suggest past projects that could be adapted to meet your needs.

What exactly can your students do?

Our students are trained in legal research and can perform various tasks including: public legal education; legal research; drafting legal memoranda, policy papers, and manuals; and lobbying and advocacy work. We are happy to work with an organization to develop projects that will meet your needs while offering our students a rewarding and challenging experience. A list of projects run through PBSC is available as a starting point for designing projects, and our membership​ application package contains a list of guidelines for drafting a project.

Please note that our students can provide legal information but, as they are not lawyers, they are not able to provide legal advice or opinions.

How do I get involved with PBSC?

To partner with PBSC in the coming year, please contact your local Program Coordinators. The summer program coordinator can send you an application package and can help you draft a suitable project. We look forward to hearing from you!