Each year, Queen’s Law welcomes students who have previously studied at another law school. Community is very important at Queen’s Law and a goal of the Career Development Office is to help students feel welcomed, supported, and included within this community. 

Supports from Our Office

  • Once your acceptance has been finalized, you will receive an email from the CDO introducing you to our team and inviting you to arrange a one-on-one meeting with our Career Counselor. 
  • An initial meeting to learn more about you and provide an overview of our resources. 
  • Facilitated introductions/connecting emails to previous transfer students that most align with your career interests and goals. 
  • A summer networking event to connect you with other incoming students, previous transfer students, and alumni.
  • Unlimited personalized counselling sessions.

In previous years, transfer students have spoken at CDO panels and info sessions and have become Peer Mock Interviewers and Peer Mentors. Some transfer students have become part of our CDO Student Team, which provides resume/cover letter reviews to their peers, assists with CDO projects, and provides support during different recruitment events.