Our Career Development Office is happy to post your office’s job postings on our internal job board if you send them to us via email to  Sara Ali, the Career Development Office Coordinator, at sara.ali@queensu.ca

Important Job Posting Policies

Below are the job postings policies at Queen’s Law, please review before submitting a job posting:

  • All employers that post job opportunities with the Faculty of Law agree to provide a work place that is free of discrimination in compliance with all provincial and federal Human Rights Legislation, and provincial law society professional standards, codes of conduct and recruitment procedures. All employers also agree to comply with our Recruiting Policies where applicable.
  • Queen’s Law will not post opportunities that are unpaid, whether they are with for-profit or not-for-profit organizations.
  • Employers who wish to post a paid summer or articling opportunity must be in a position to offer at least the provincial minimum wage.
  • We reserve the right in our sole discretion to restrict, remove or refuse to post any job posting without notice that we feel is inappropriate for our students and/or alumni. We will also decline to post a position if: 
    • The employer is requesting illegal information such as age or gender 
    • The student is being asked to participate in academic dishonesty (e.g. selling course notes or examinations) 
    • The employer is a third party recruiter and does not meet the conditions outlined below 
    • The employer is offering entrepreneurial or franchise opportunities and does not meet the conditions outlined below
    • The position resembles a multi-level-marketing or pyramid selling scheme 
    • An organization is requesting money in the form of application fees, donations, or investments as part of the job process. 
    • The employer has been linked to dishonest practices or student complaints 
    • The employer has previously contravened Queen’s Law policies or ethical guidelines. Queen’s Law reserves the right to decline positions on a case-by-case basis, or to remove any posting that we otherwise feel is inappropriate for our students
  • We will not post any job opportunity or otherwise circulate employment information where a non-lawyer is seeking a student to perform legal research or engage in any activities that could potentially be construed as providing legal advice.

Required Information for Job Postings

We post jobs for Queen’s Law students throughout the year, during formal recruitment and outside of formal recruitment. Please send us your job postings at any time. When sending us a job posting, please include the following information:

  1. Employer Name
  2. Employer geographic location 
  3. Year of student you are recruiting (1L, 2L or 3L)
  4. A description of the position
  5. How many students you intend to hire
  6. Application deadline (if no deadline is provided, the position will be posted for 30 days)
  7. Application materials required to apply
  8. Method by which a student should apply (e.g. email, viLawPortal, mail, employer website)
  9. Compensation (please provide either specific compensation figures or a salary range. ) 
  10. Contact Person and Details: (provide name, email, phone)