Aleksandra joined Queen’s University in September 2018 to pursue doctorate studies in law. Prior to this, she received a Jurist degree (Russian State Social University), LLB (University of London) and LLM (McGill University). She also practiced law in the marketing industry in Moscow and in international civil aviation in Kingston, Jamaica. While in Montréal, Aleksandra interned at the United Nations’ specialized agency (ICAO).

Drawing on her thesis’ finding that interests of humankind and maintenance of international rule of law are threatened by increasing manifestations of the rule of power, she decided to further explore the dynamics of public international law. At Queen’s her primary focus is on humankind as subject of international environmental law, examining questions of equity, common duty and participation.

Through her research and work, Aleksandra seeks to make a progressive contribution towards the advancement of common interests of the international community and the protection of the environment.

Recent Professional Achievements

Featured Publication:

Aleksandra Balyasnikova-Smith, Book Review of “Space Law and Policy in the Post-Soviet States” by Natalia R. Malysheva, 43 Annals of Air & Space L. (2018) [forthcoming in 2019]

Featured Conference Presentation:

Aleksandra Balyasnikova-Smith, “A Case for Humankind as Subject of International Law” (Presentation delivered at the McGill Graduate Law Conference, McGill Faculty of Law, 9 May 2019) [unpublished]

Graduate Students