2020 Term Dates

2020 term dates are May 10 – July 2, 2021.

The term is eight weeks long. Students will arrive at the BISC on Friday, May 7, for an orientation weekend. Classes begin on Monday, May 10. The first five weeks of the program are spent at the BISC. The sixth week consists of a one-week field trip to the continent. The trip is followed by one more week of classes at the BISC, and an exam period ending on June 30. Students depart from the BISC by July 2.

Fall Information Session

Interested students are invited to attend a Zoom inormation session on October 16 at 3:00pm.

Certificate of Completion

Upon the successful completion of one of the International Law Programs, students receive a “Certificate of Completion” in International Business Law or Public International Law from the Faculty of Law. The top three students in each program are awarded their certificates "With Distinction." 

LLM Students

LLM students who enroll in one of the programs begin their LLM studies in early May at the Castle and complete the requirements for the LLM at Queen's in Kingston over the remainder of the summer and in the fall term, with the possibility of completion as early as the end of December.

LLM students can choose the Public International Law or Business International Law stream, and must take all courses in the selected program. Graduate students attending the Castle will be required to pay the International Law Programs fee for the first two months of their LLM studies. This fee includes tuition, accommodation, meals, and field trips in Europe (but not airfare). After completing the spring term at the Castle, the monthly cost of tuition and other fees at Queen's in Kingston will be the same as for other graduate students. LLM students who attend the Castle are eligible for the same scholarships as other LLM students, and in addition will be eligible to apply for Bader International Study Centre bursaries, awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need, to assist with the program fee.

Students who wish to attend one of the International Law Programs as part of their LLM studies must submit their application for admission to the LLM program by November 15, indicating clearly a wish to be considered for one of the International Law Programs. Space is limited and admission is on the basis of academic merit. LLM students apply to the International Law Programs through the Graduate Program. Please contact Dianne Flint, Graduate Studies Assistant, for more information and application procedures.