Bekele joined Queen’s Faculty of Law PhD program in September 2018. His thesis focus is on International Human Rights Law. Bekele is conducting a scholarly examination on issues regarding the proper implementation of the rules and principles enshrined in the international human rights instruments Ethiopia ratified, with a provisional title "Ethiopian Legal and Institutional Mechanisms for the Enforcement of the Right of Education of the Disabled under International Law".

He is a winner of the joint scholarship fund of Mastercard Foundation and the University of Gondar for his PhD studies.

Bekele served in Amhara Regional Justice Bureau as a public prosecutor, public civil cases litigator and legal researcher. His personal and professional experience as a public prosecutor and private practicing lawyer created an opportunity for him to witness some legal challenges encountered by his fellow citizens with disabilities. Bekele is also a Federal and regional licensed lawyer. He has taught various law courses in the University of Gondar (2010-2018).  Simultaneously, he supervised and litigated Pro-bono cases as a member of the University of Gondar’s Legal Aid Programme.