Lieutenant-Colonel (retired) Rory Fowler retired from the Canadian Forces after having served for nearly 28 years, first as an infantry officer with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, and subsequently as a Legal Officer with the Office of the Judge Advocate General. In the latter role, Rory worked extensively in the area of Public and Administrative Law as both a legal advisor and educator. Among other positions, Rory served as the Director of Law – Compensation, Benefits, Pensions & Estates and the Director of Law – Administrative Law.

Throughout his service, Rory developed a keen interest in the nature of the Crown-soldier relationship, including how it was distinguishable from more traditional employment paradigms, and how this unique constitutional and statutory relationship could be better explained and understood. His interest in this subject is driven by a desire to ensure that the governance of the Canadian Forces reflects a just and fair approach to decision-making and complies with the rule of law, in order that the discipline, efficiency and morale of the Canadian Forces support its overall operational effectiveness.

Despite the significant and far-reaching impact of statutory decision-making within the Canadian Forces, legal theory of this unique relationship has been the subject of limited scholarship and is not well understood by the statutory actors who wield significant power within this governance regime. Rory’s intent is to improve this understanding through his research at Queen’s.

Since embarking in private practice in 2017, national television, radio and print media often call upon Rory for commentary on legal issues pertaining to the Canadian Forces and military law generally.