Santino Dau successfully defended and convocated with a PhD from Queen's Law in the fall of 2018.

Santino Dau has had a diverse teaching experience including assisting with a Labor and Employment Law course at Queen’s University and working as a seasonal instructor at the Royal Military College (RMC). Santino holds an LLM from Dalhousie University and has received the Queen’s University Faculty of Law Student Award (2016-2017) and the Robert Sutherland Fellowship (2014-2015).

Santino is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) and has articled with the Olalere Law Office (Law Firm), Ottawa, Ontario/Canada. Santino is a member of the board of directors of the South Sudanese Leaders’ Forum, which deliberates on important issues related to South Sudan and he also serves on the local committee of the World University Service of Canada which assists newly sponsored refugee students to adjust to new life in Canada.

Santino’s thesis is on the topic “Between Universalism and Cultural Relativism: A Justification for Universality in the Application of International Human Rights Standards to Contemporary Africa.”

Recent Professional Achievements

Featured Publication: 

“On the Discourse and Search for an Appropriate System of Governance: A Case for Ethnic Federalism in South Sudan.” Journal of Global Studies 9 (2016): 1-18.

Featured Publication:

“The Recession of the Rule of Law in Africa: The Case of the ICC and the Stark Choice between Peace and Justice.” Paper presented at the Canadian Council on International Law Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 2015.