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Faculty of Law

Grading & Exams

Grading Policies
See the Grading section of the Academic Calendar for information on the following policies:
  • Anonymous Grading Policy
  • Grading System
  • Mandatory Grading Policy
  • Dean's Honour List and Medal Policy
  • Grade Appeals Process
Grade Breakdown Lists
Fall 2016 (PDF, 72KB) / Winter 2017 (PDF, 60KB)
Fall 2015 (PDF, 70KB) / Winter 2016 (PDF, 54KB)
Fall 2014 PDF, 75KB) / Winter 2015 (PDF, 112KB)
Fall 2013 (PDF, 67KB) / Winter 2014 (PDF, 105KB)
Fall 2012 (PDF, 56KB)Winter 2013 (PDF, 79KB)BISC Spring 2013 (Excel, 55KB)
Fall 2011 (PDF, 65KB)Winter 2012 (PDF, 82KB)BISC Spring 2012 (Excel, 55KB)
Exam Regulations and Policies
See the Examinations - Regulations and Policies section of the Academic Calendar for information on each of the following exam issues:
  • Examination Conflicts and Other Examination Arrangements
  • Language-Based Requests for Additional Examination Time
  • University Examination Regulations
  • Queen's Photo Identification for Examinations
  • Use of Calculators in Tests or Examinations
  • Use of Computers in Examinations
  • Take Home Exam Policy
  • Confidential Examinations
  • First Year Practice Examinations
  • Examination Disruptions
  • Supplemental Examination Privileges
  • Special Examination Privileges
  • Supplemental and Special Examinations and Failure to Complete Course Requirements
  • Supplemental and Special Examinations and Failure to Satisfy Course Pre-requisites or Co-requisites
Disability Accommodation
Students with disabilities should consult the Disability Accommodation section in the General Information chapter of the Academic Calendar.

Winter 2018 Exam Schedule with room and surname breakdown.