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Patricia Acton Director, Student Records and Enrollment 75318 patricia.acton@queensu.ca
Violeta Andrevska  Administrator, Alumni Relations and Development 78149 violeta.andrevska@queensu.ca
Julie Banting Director, Career Development 75692 julie.banting@queensu.ca
Amanda Blair Program Coordinator, Certificate in Law 75132 amanda.blair@queensu.ca
Tracy Bowes Administrative Assistant, Queen's Prison Law Clinic 613-546-1171 tracy.bowes@queensu.ca
Nancy Brar Staff Lawyer, Prison Law Clinic 78077 nb79@queensu.ca
Mike Brean IT Systems Analyst 77855 michael.brean@queensu.ca
Bianca Bruni Administrative Assistant to the Dean 74288 / 74285 law.dean@queensu.ca
Aimee Burtch Manager, Recruitment and Admissions 79005 burtcha@queensu.ca
Dianne Butler Coordinator, Alumni Relations 78471 butlerd@queensu.ca
Derek Cannon Administrative Assistant, Elder Law Clinic and Queen’s Business Law Clinic 613-533-2102 derek.cannon@queensu.ca
Debbie Clark Access Services Clerk, Lederman Law Library 74247 clarkd@queensu.ca
Nicole Clark Receptionist, Queen's Law Clinics 613-533-2102 nicole.clark@queensu.ca
Heather Cole Assistant Dean of Students 77699 heather.cole@queensu.ca
Helen Connop Manager, Education and Equity Services 78147 helen.connop@queensu.ca
Giovanna Crocco Program Coordinator, JD Program 75795 croccog@queensu.ca 
Jenny DeBruyn Coordinator, Career Development 75011 debruynj@queensu.ca
Ann Deer Indigenous Recruitment and Support Coordinator 613-484-0761  ann.deer@queensu.ca
Alyssa de Hoop Alumni Events and Communications Coordinator 77471 a.dehoop@queensu.ca 
Matthew Fair Web Project Coordinator 74926 matthew.fair@queensu.ca
Kathryn Ferreira Director, Queen's Prison Law Clinic 613-546-1171 ferreik@lao.on.ca
Dianne Flint Graduate Studies Assistant 74296 flintd@queensu.ca
Lisa Graham Manager, Communications 74259 grahaml@queensu.ca
Megan Hamilton Faculty Assistant and Events Coordinator 74247 megan.hamilton@queensu.ca
Amir Heidari Multimedia Design and Support Specialist 32761 amir.heidari@queensu.ca
Blair Hicks Director, Queen's Elder Law Clinic 613-533-2102 blair.hicks@queensu.ca
Natalie Moniz-Henne Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace and Faculty Assistant 79599 natalie.henne@queensu.ca
Melissa Howlett Faculty Assistant 78842 melissa.howlett@queensu.ca
Morgan Jarvis Director, Queen’s Business Law Clinic 613-533-2102 morgan.jarvis@queensu.ca
Carol Johnson Assistant, Academic Programs, Queen's Law Journal and Moots 74295 johnson@queensu.ca
Amy Kaufman Head, Lederman Law Library 32843 kaufman@queensu.ca
Sasha Lamont Manager, Human Resources and Research 74256 sasha.lamont@queensu.ca
Jaime Marchen Clinic Receptionist, Queens' Legal Aid 613-533-2102 jaime.marchen@queensu.ca
Paul Marcus Development Counsel, Faculty of Law 416-455-4659 paulmarcus@rogers.com
Nancy McCormack Law Librarian and Associate Professor 32465 nm4@queensu.ca
Karla McGrath Executive Director, Queen's Law Clinics and Director, Family Law Clinic 613-533-2102 karla.mcgrath@queensu.ca
Olivia Middleton Circulation Assistant, Lederman Law Library 32845 middleto@queensu.ca
Jana Mills Review Counsel, Queen's Legal Aid 613-533-2102 millsj@queensu.ca
Michael Molas Law Career Counselor 77846 michael.molas@queensu.ca
Deanna Morash Assistant Dean of Administration and Finance 77735 deanna.morash@queensu.ca
Amber Oomen Administrative Assistant, Finance 74622 amber.oomen@queensu.ca
Patrick Patterson Reference Assistant, Lederman Law Library 77150 patrick.patterson@queensu.ca
Katherine Prescott Education Innovation Developer 77801 katherine.prescott@queensu.ca
Paul Quick Staff Lawyer, Queen's Prison Law Clinic 613-546-1171 p.quick@queensu.ca
Susan Reynolds Senior Secretary, Queen's Legal Aid 613-533-2102 susan.reynolds@queensu.ca
Chantal Rousseau Manager, International Programs 74168 chantal.rousseau@queensu.ca
Debbie Samms Manager, Finance 75805 debbie.samms@queensu.ca
Matt Shepherd Director, Marketing and Communications 78352 matthew.shepherd@queensu.ca
Elizabeth Shilton Senior Fellow, Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace   elizabeth.shilton@queensu.ca
Linda Smith Review Counsel, Queen's Legal Aid & Queen's Family Law Clinic 613-533-2102 linda.smith@queensu.ca
Nancy Somers Manager, Curriculum, Registration and Records 75693 somersn@queensu.ca
Andrew Swain IT Support Assistant 74297 a.swain@queensu.ca
Leslie Taylor Reference & Technical Services Librarian, Lederman Law Library 32918 leslie.taylor@queensu.ca
Christina Ulian Receptionist-Administrative Assistant, Student Services 74261 ulianc@queensu.ca
Andrew Van Overbeke Coordinator, Admissions 77457 andrew.vanoverbeke@queensu.ca