Patricia Acton Director, Student Records and Enrollment 75318
Tomilola Adebiyi Director, Queen's University Business Law Clinic 74301
Emmanuel Mendez IT Support Assistant 74168
Sara Ali Career Development Coordinator 75011
Violeta Andrevska Coordinator, Alumni Relations and Development 78149
Julie Banting Director, Career Development 75692
Amanda Blair Program Coordinator, Certificate in Law 75132
Nancy Brar Staff Lawyer, Prison Law Clinic 78077
Mike Brean IT Systems Analyst 77855
Bianca Bruni Administrative Assistant to the Dean 74288 / 74285
Derek Cannon Administrative Assistant, Elder Law Clinic and Queen’s Business Law Clinic 613-533-2102
Samantha Chow Alumni Events and Communications Coordinator 77471
Debbie Clark Access Services Clerk, Lederman Law Library 74247
Nicole Clark Receptionist, Queen's Law Clinics 613-533-2102
Blair Crew Director, Queen's Legal Aid 78920
Helen Connop Manager, Education and Equity Services 78147
Ann Deer Indigenous Recruitment and Support Coordinator 613-484-0761
Mark Deen Web and Digital Manager 74926
Mary Anne Dietrich Finance and Administrative Assistant, Queen's Prison Law Clinic 613-546-1171
Maggie Doherty Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator 79005
Phillip Drew Assistant Dean, Juris Doctor and Graduate Legal Studies 75332
Shai Dubey Executive Director, Undergraduate and Professional Programs 33313
Kathryn Ferreira Director, Queen's Prison Law Clinic 613-546-1171
Dianne Flint Graduate Program Coordinator 74296
Erica Friesen Research and Instruction Librarian (Law) and Online Learning Specialist
Lisa Graham Manager, Communications 74259
Miranda Gavidia Human Resources and Staffing Officer 74256
Margie Gordon Program Coordinator, JD Studies 75795
Megan Hamilton Faculty Assistant and Events Coordinator 74247
Blair Hicks Director, Queen's Elder Law Clinic 33139
Natalie Moniz-Henne Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace and Faculty Assistant 79599
Melissa Howlett Faculty Assistant 78842
Kelsey Jennings Administration and Communications Assistant 71684
Carol Johnson Assistant, Academic Programs, Queen's Law Journal and Moots 74295
Amy Kaufman Head, Lederman Law Library 32843
Laura Kinderman Assistant Dean, Education Innovation and Online Programs 77699
Helen Kobusinge Director of Finance 74782
Andrea Labelle Program Coordinator (Online) Graduate Diploma 75799
Shaun Leung IT Support Assistant 74168 
Jaime Marchen Office Assistant, Queens' Legal Aid 613-533-2102
Paul Marcus Development Counsel, Faculty of Law 416-455-4659
Karla McGrath Executive Director, Queen's Law Clinics and Director, Family Law Clinic 613-533-2102
Olivia Middleton Circulation Assistant, Lederman Law Library 32845
Jana Mills Review Counsel, Queen's Legal Aid 613-533-2102
Michael Molas Law Career Counselor 77846
Deanna Morash Executive Director of Administration and Finance 77735
Amber Oomen Administrative Assistant, Finance 74622
Patrick Patterson Reference Assistant, Lederman Law Library 77150
Katherine Prescott Director, Educational Development 77801
Paul Quick Staff Lawyer, Queen's Prison Law Clinic 613-546-1171
Gillian Ready Director, International Law Programs
Susan Reynolds Senior Secretary, Queen's Legal Aid 613-533-2102
Kate Rombough Instructional Design Associate
Debbie Samms Manager, Finance 75805
Lucy Schafer Marketing and Communications Coordinator 74853
Matt Shepherd Director, Marketing and Communications 78352
Elizabeth Shilton Senior Fellow, Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace
Linda Smith Review Counsel, Queen's Legal Aid & Queen's Family Law Clinic 613-533-2102
Nancy Somers Special Projects 75693
Stefan Strangman Multimedia Design & Support Specialist 74297 
Andrew Swain (On-Leave) IT Support Assistant 74297
Leslie Taylor Reference & Technical Services Librarian, Lederman Law Library 32918
Zabrina Testa Development Officer 78471
Christina Ulian Law Programs and Exam Assistant 74261
Andrew Van Overbeke Manager, Recruitment & Admissions 77457
Scott Whetstone Education Innovation Developer 78003