13 Sept.  The tryout results were announced via the upper year listservs Sunday evening. Contact for information.


Tryouts and Enrollment Instructions

The Moot Program Information Session was recorded. Watch a short version here  (Download the file to watch the complete video)

August 24: Obtain the descriptions of the moots being offered for the 2020-21 academic year.

August 24: Obtain a copy of the Competitive Moot Form to understand credit allocation. Only submit this form after the tryouts if you are added to team. Email to . More info below

August 24 - 07 Sept: Rank the moots you are seriously interested on Tryout Registration Form  Submit form and unofficial transcript by 07 Sept. to

August 24:  Choose only one of the following case decisions for your oral tryout and fully read Instructions.   R v Sullivan  or Southcott

August 25 - 07 Sept: Self-book an open time slot for your tryout on one of the following days: Fri. Sept. 11 / Sat. Sept. 12 / Sun. Sept. 13

Sept. 11, 12, 13:  Attend your Zoom tryout appointment on the day and time you booked (Zoom tryout link to be added)

Sept. 13 or 14: Team rosters announced on the Moot Court Program website.

Sept. 13:  Oralists, researchers, student coaches who have been given a spot on a team must add their moot course by either the fall or winter deadline depending on which term they want to receive the credits. This is done by filling out the Competitive Moot Form and submitting it to in our Student Services Office. Drop courses through SOLUS.   Note: The grades for moot courses are deferred until the winter term after the competition has taken place.

Read the FAQ for presentation tips.


Student Researchers and Student Coaches

If a link appears, follow the link and complete the application by 13 September. This list will be updated as information becomes available. Please visit again.

Arnup Cup

Bowman Tax Moot

Competition Law 

Gale Cup  

Fox IP Moot )

Immigration and Refugee Law  


Kawaskimhon Aboriginal 


National Labour Arbitration Moot 


Walsh Family Law 

Walsh Family Negotiations 

Wilson Moot )