Eligibility Rules

Second and Third Year Students may try out for oralist positions for which they have the prerequisites. For most teams, the work begins in the fall term but students can apply their 3 credits in either the fall or the winter term by enrolling during the relevant add/drop period.  The Jessup, John Jackson, and Vis moots are 6 credit moots for full year enrolment starting in the fall term (See (D) below)  Letter grade for all positions.

Moot supervisors will accept expressions of interest from students for researcher or student coach through an application process 

Note the following participation restrictions:

(A) A student may enrol as an oralist a second time in a different academic year on a different team.

(B) A student may enrol as a student coach for a team on which they participated as an oralist the previous year.

(C) A student may not hold two positions in the same academic year nor volunteer significant involvement with another team without the permission of the supervisor for the team the student is receiving academic credit.

(D) There is a limit of 1 researcher and/or 1 student coach per team.  The exceptions are the 6 credit moots,  ELSA, Jessup and Vis Moots,  which may have a different student coach and/or researcher in different terms with each earning 3 credits in the term in which they serve.

(E) You must be earning a JD or Combined JD degree from Queen's University in order to be eligible to participate in the program therefore exchange students are not eligible.

Adhere to the Add/Drop dates for the term in which you are adding and dropping courses. You can only add your moot course via submission of the Competitive Moot Form which can be obtained from the JD Form area of the Portal.  Contact in the Student Services Office if you have questions about add/drop.