Eligibility Rules

Second and Third Year Students may try out for an oralist position on moot teams for which they have the prerequisites. For the majority of moots the number of credits earned is three and you can choose to receive all three credits in either term or split them evenly between terms. The ELSA, Jessup, and Vis moots are 6 credit moots.  Letter grade for all positions.

Moot supervisors will accept expressions of interest from students for researcher or student coach.

Note the following participation restrictions:

(A) A student may enroll as an oralist a second time but not during the same academic year.

(B) A student cannot serve as an oralist and a researcher/student coach during the same academic year.

(C) There is a limit of 1 researcher and 1 student coach per team per academic year. The exceptions are the ELSA, Jessup and Vis Moots which may have a different student coach/researcher in different terms with each earning 3 credits.

(D) You must be earning a JD or Combined JD from Queen's University in order to be eligible to participate in the program therefore exchange students are not eligible.

Competitive Moot Form (Submit to Student Services to add your moot program course only)