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Faculty of Law

Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace

Queen's Law launched the Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace (CLCW) in November 2010. The first of its kind in Canada, the Centre provides an intellectual nexus for the labour and employment law community.

The CLCW is training the next generation of leading labour and employment law practitioners, teachers and scholars, lead research into emerging trends and problems in workplace-related law, and actively exchange knowledge with labour and employment law stakeholders. The Centre's focal activities will include research, curriculum development, teaching, dialogue and outreach on the role of the law in the contemporary workplace.

Working closely with scholars, academics, and practitioners across the field, the CLCW aims to address challenges currently posed to workers, employers, counsel, adjudicators and policy-makers arising from globalization, demographic changes, technological change, the human rights revolution, economic restructuring, and the recent constitutional entrenchment of a right to collective bargaining, together with many other contemporary influences.

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