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Faculty of Law

Helping you Succeed through Student Services 

student services includes education and equity, career development, international programs, educational engagement, enrolment and records, and recruitment

The Student Services Office staff are here to support students and help facilitate their success in the JD program.  We want you to enjoy your time at Queen’s Law and encourage you to explore all the opportunities available to you, both academic and co-curricular, while pursuing your degree. There are many things students may do with the law degree and it is our job to assist students so that they are able to use their degree to pursue their dreams and launch a fulfilling career.

Recruitment & Outreach
Supporting recruitment & outreach efforts to attract highly qualified and skilled applicants and help foster a strong Queen’s community that makes Queen’s Law a first choice amongst applicants.

Course Planning & Support
Providing administrative assistance with academic registration, course selection and other program-related academic and facility supports including lockers, room bookings, course scheduling, grades and awards.

Educational Engagement
Providing in-house support to faculty to increase student engagement in legal education and promote lifelong learning for students through a strong foundation in law and the pursuit of justice.

Exchanges & Experiential Learning
Providing administrative supports for opportunities to enhance the learning experiences through international exchanges (including the BISC program), internships, clinical placements and clerkships.

Career Development
Offering programming, counselling, extensive resources & networking opportunities to help launch successful legal and law-related careers.

Education & Equity
Addressing student academic and wellness needs through support, assistance programming and referral. 

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