Honouring the Faculty's longest-serving Dean

Following Bill Flanagan's term as Dean at Queen's Law -- an unprecedented 14 years of transformation and growth -- we have been gratified to see tremendous interest in the fund we've established in his honour. The Bill Flanagan International Studies Award supports students in the exploration of international law; an increasingly essential part of practice in globalized world.

Thank you to all who have supported this important initiative!



You are a visionary who through perseverance, tact and hard work led the transformation of Queen’s Law to be among the best law schools in the country. From the physical plant to the faculty to alumni support to leading edge online learning and to Truth and Reconciliation you have taken Queen’s Law to the next level plus 1! It has been a pleasure and an honour for me to work with you over the years.

Warmest regards,

David Allgood, Law’74, and Helen Stevenson



Over the past 14 years, countless alumni have deepened their commitment to the law school. This is due to your vision, fortitude and shear hard work. I am delighted and honoured to have had the opportunity to work with you during those 14 years and to have witnessed the profound impact you have made on Queen’s Law.

Dianne Butler


The Honourable Thomas Wakeling, Law’74


It has been a pleasure for us, in our wide-ranging roles at Queen's Law, to work with Bill during his time as Dean. He has left a remarkable legacy and the place won’t be the same without him.

All best wishes to you, Bill, on the next leg of your life's journey! We hope you enjoy some well-deserved travel and down time.

Hugh Christie, Law’81, and Debra Haak, PhD Candidate


I have had the honour to work with Bill Flanagan in connection with building strong relationships with alumni in British Columbia. His greatest accomplishment was his leadership in developing the law schools international presence. His role at Herstmonceaux Castle is particularly meaningful to me as my daughter attended the Castle for both first year and the summer at the end of her undergraduate degree.

Jeffrey, Law’85, and Christine Read


Keith, Law’87, and Sheryl Spencer


Very, very nicely done, Bill.

David Finley, Law’84


Queen’s Law Students’ Society



Your skillful leadership as Dean literally lifted the Law School from the depths of chaos to unprecedented heights of scholarship and excellence. Thank you for restoring Queen’s Law School to a position of pre-eminence and launching a new chapter of which alumni can be so proud.

With warmest wishes, and congratulations,

Jeremy, Law’82, and Judith Freedman


Bill Flanagan has been a phenomenal Dean of the Queen’s University Faculty of Law. Professors, students, alumni and staff all have benefitted from his tireless dedication to and vision for the law school, and will continue to do so even after his stewardship has concluded. His successes have included the endowment of several professorships, the development of relevant, timely programming both within and outside the law school, much needed renovations, the installation of welcoming indigenous artwork in the law school foyer, extensive outreach initiatives, to name but a very few of his many accomplishments. It has been an honour and privilege to serve on Bill’s “Dean’s Council” for the last few years and I wish him all the very best in whatever he turns his considerable talents to next.

The Honourable Janet Fuhrer, Law’85


When I left Queen’s in 1977 and came to Toronto to article, I was a stranger to Toronto and its legal community.

In a similar way, I did not experience the touch of Queen’s into the Toronto practice before William Flanagan became Dean.

He championed the role of Queen’s in the Toronto legal community and the role of the Toronto legal community in the Law School. That cemented what I think is a now strong union between the two (emulated in the other legal communities across Canada) and ultimately drew me onto the Dean’s Council, a position that I was delighted to take on to support Bill’s good work.

He has been a tireless supporter of Queen’s Law, an innovative thinker and a doer in all that that entails. He has brought the Law School to life, in my view, and into full view of the Canadian legal and business community.

He has been a wonder.

Peter Griffin, Law’77


As a former member of the Law School Dean’s Council, I observed firsthand the tremendous positive impact that Bill had on the programming and reputation of Queen’s Law School while Dean. Thank you so much for all you did for Queen’s Law and I wish you the best in your future endeavours.

Tom, Law’78, and Jan Houston



Although you were not part of my time at law school, you have become the face of Queen’s Law for me and many others. Your passion for the school, the students and the enhancement of legal education has been inspiring and encouraging.

Dawn Jetten, Law’80


You have been such an inspiration to so many, Bill. Thank you!

Scott Jolliffe, Law’76


Dean Flanagan’s passion for Queen’s Law School is inspiring. From the moment I met him, Bill impressed me with his energy, vision and tireless perseverance to make our school better every day. On a personal level, I am thankful that Bill always made time to meet with me whenever he came to Calgary to bring me up to date on the happenings at our school, the issues facing it and his plans and ideas. Bill has set an incredibly high standard as our Dean. I will greatly miss his leadership.

Jean-Ann Naysmith Rooney, Law’84, and Robert Rooney


Under Bill's leadership, Queen's Faculty of Law has been transformed. Bill has built on the many strengths of the law school but also brought us firmly into the 21st century with a renewed faculty complement, a reinvigorated curriculum, innovative co-curricular experiences and a renovated Macdonald Hall. Just as important is the solid financial footing Bill has secured for the Faculty by establishing new funding sources and overseeing a hugely successful philanthropic campaign. Alumni and future alumni are indebted to Bill!

Claire Kennedy, Law’94


Dear Bill,

Queen's Law has enjoyed years of brilliant leadership from you, and we are grateful for it. We wish you all the best going forward.

Frank Walwyn, Law’93


Dear Bill,

I hope you might consider a future career as a fundraiser! Among your many, many talents, you are tremendous at fundraising and have outstanding instincts. Queen’s Law supporters admire your passion and find it hard to say “no”! Thank you for your leadership and for raising the bar for all of us. I will greatly miss our travels and alumni meetings together. Wishing you a wonderful road ahead!

Warmest regards,

Paul Marcus, Law'85


Dean Flanagan has redefined the role of Dean of Law. His energy and enthusiasm enabled him to achieve so much during his tenure. His thoughtful approach to change and to the growth of the school made him almost impossible to say no to. He did not see any limits and as a result he encouraged everyone around him to reach higher. The reputation of the School has never been better and this is a testament to Dean Flanagan. He is a man of intelligence, courage and strength and we are extremely fortunate to have had his leadership for 14 years. He will be missed.

Sheila Murray, Law’82, and David Dickinson


Dear Bill,

Thank you for your amazing leadership on behalf of Queen’s Law School. It has been such a privilege to get to know you over the years and to serve on your Advisory Council. I have no doubt that the law school will continue to thrive because of the incredible foundation you have laid. All best wishes in your future endeavours.

Warmest regards,

Jennifer Keenan, Law’90


Queen’s Law Private Equity Club



Thank you for everything you have done to make Queen's Law the amazing place it is today. You have used your rare combination of creative vision and business savvy to transform the school and secure its place as one of the best in North America, while at the same time preserving the rich traditions that make it a life-long home for its graduates. We will be forever grateful to you.

Betty DelBianco, Law’84


Robert Frater, QC, Law’84



Thank you for your relentless efforts to move Queen’s Law into new and often uncharted territory and to doggedly pursue the funding to make it happen!

Peter Rekai, Law’80, and Eleanor Somerleigh, Law’80


Thank you, Bill, for 14 years of extraordinary leadership. It was a privilege for me working with you on the Dean’s Council. Through your hard work as Dean, you have transformed Queen’s Law into a law school for the 21st century. Your energy, enthusiasm, and vision have been an inspiration to all of us. May your future bring much heath, happiness, and good fortune – you deserve it!

Greg Richards, Law’79


Bill - thank you for being a great leader, teacher and friend over the past 25 years. Your dedication and passion for sustainably growing Queen’s Law will be missed.

Anton Sahazizian, Law’94, and Laura Burke


Elaine Wu, Law’03


Dear Bill,

Sincere thanks for all that you have done for Queen's Law. Your leadership and friendship means so much. Of special note, your reconciliation efforts have truly set you apart as a visionary and close friend of Indigenous people. From our reconciliation trip to KI First Nation, the honorary degree for our mutual friend Douglas Cardinal, doing a sweat lodge ceremony together with Douglas Cardinal, recruiting and making Queen's Law so welcoming to Indigenous students, the list goes on and on...you are truly one of a kind and will be missed as Dean.


David Sharpe, Law’95


James Dorr, Law’87, and Anthea Pascaris


Bill Flanagan has been an exceptional Dean for Queen's Law in every way that I can consider. He has launched new programs and courses, recruited excellent new Professors, engaged many new students, fostered academic excellence and in general raised the profile of the Law School. He has also raised a lot of money to support all this. How has Bill been able to do all this? It is because Bill is not only academically and intellectually adept, and a good salesman, but Bill is first and foremost a genuinely warm and sincere human being. Thanks Bill.

Warm regards,

Andy, Law’79, and Anna Trevoy



I have very much enjoyed working with you on many Queen’s Law projects. Your highly collaborative and thoughtful approach to alumni issues has been instrumental in developing a strong and vibrant Law School graduate community. I think you can retire from your post as Dean confident in the knowledge that you are leaving a wonderful legacy for students, faculty and alumni. All the best in your next chapter of life.

Steve Trumper, Law’80, and Sandra Curtis


Richard Baldwin, Law’72



The tremendous leadership you have shown during your tenure as Dean of Queen’s Law School has set new, very high standards. Well done! You have brought the Law School, and in some cases the whole University, forward on so many fronts, they are almost innumerable. My sincere thanks as a graduate and as a member of the Canadian legal community. We are all the better for your strong leadership and incredible contributions you have made as Dean. Enjoy the next phase of your career – I know we still have much to learn from you!

Best regards,

Patrice Walch-Watson, Law’91


Bill is a remarkable person and has been a wonderful Dean. His obvious intelligence and initiative have greatly benefitted the Law School. And his enthusiasm for Queen’s Law School is contagious! The School has been very fortunate to have had Bill as Dean and that will have lasting benefit for years to come.

With gratitude,

Jim Walker, Law’81, and Susan Eplett


Bill - Congratulations and thanks for your leadership. We hope many students will benefit from the Bill Flanagan International Studies Award which we are proud to support.

Peter Lukasiewicz, Law’79, and Kathy MacDonald, Law’80


Bill Flanagan has been a wonderful Dean at Queen’s Law School. He has done so much for the school, increasing its profile and its breadth. Under his leadership, the law school has grown exponentially and he has made all of us proud of our alma mater. On a personal level, Bill is a wonderful, warm man, always generous with his time and his presence will be missed.

The Honourable Darla Wilson, Law’84, and Keith Smockum


Dean Flanagan,

Thank you for your outstanding leadership of the law school for the past 14 years. Personally, you were instrumental in cultivating my passion for international law, and I cannot say thank you enough for your mentorship and guidance.

We will miss you at the Calgary Queen's law events but hope to see you again soon.

Brianna Guenther, Law'12


Bill Flanagan is unique in that he continued to provide value to Queen's law students after they left Queen's. He added to the value of my degree in the years that he was Dean of the Law School by increasing the quality of the school experience, the faculty and the overall reputation of Queen's Law.

We will miss you at the Calgary Queen's law events but hope to see you again soon.

Katherine Tew Darras, Law'94


Dean Flanagan invited me to teach the International Business Law Course at the Queen's International Study Centre, Herstmonceaux during the Spring Session 2001, while he taught the Trade Law Course. We organized a student field trip to visit various international organizations (WTO, ICC, OECD, Int'l Red Cross, etc.) in Paris, Brussels and Geneva during the semester break and day trips to the Old Bailey and Houses of Parliament in London. It was an unforgettable experience and terrific teaching opportunity, and we have since agreed that it was probably one of the first such courses at the Castle that laid the groundwork. Several years later Bill and I reconnected in Washington DC and decided to see if we could orchestrate something together. After consider time and effort, this resulted in a collaborative venture between the Faculty of Law at Queens, that of the University of the West Indies, and the Organization of American States for a Workshop on International Law, which was held in Barbados, March 2019. I admire Bill for his passion, his vision and his tenacity in getting things done! It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with him.

Jeannette Tramhel, Law'87