Honouring Our Grads

Queen's Law celebrates alumni success with four awards, distinguishing a wide range of alumni for their substantial contributions.

H.R.S. Ryan Law Alumni Award of Distinction (overall distinction)

Queen’s Law has a long-standing tradition of alumni that give back. The H.R.S. Ryan Award is presented to a graduate who has contributed significantly to the faculty, university or legal profession. It is named for Professor Emeritus H.R. Stuart Ryan (LLD’91), a founding faculty member renowned for his distinguished and multifaceted career.

Dan Soberman Outstanding Young Alumni Award (early-career success)

Our alumni contribute to their profession and their community throughout their careers -- often starting the moment they graduate. The Soberman Award is awarded to alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years, are 35 years of age or younger, and have demonstrated promising future leadership through outstanding professional achievement, community service or commitment to Queen’s Law. It was established in memory of Professor Emeritus Dan Soberman (LLD’08), the youngest of three founding faculty members who went on to serve as Dean of Law for two terms. 

Justice Thomas Cromwell Distinguished Public Service Award (public service)

Established to honour Justice Thomas Cromwell (Law’76, LLD’10), the first Queen’s Law graduate appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Cromwell Public Service Award is awarded to Queen’s Law alumni who have demonstrated sustained outstanding service or significant contributions to the public as a government lawyer, public service lawyer, or as a member of the judiciary.  

J.A. (Alec) Corry Distinguished Alumni Award (success in fields outside the practice of law)

Many Queen’s Law alumni are parlaying their legal education into highly successful business ventures. The Corry Award will be presented to a graduate who has excelled in a career outside the traditional practice of Law. It was established in memory of political scientist and Queen’s Principal Alec Corry (LLD’70), who spearheaded the re-establishment of Queen’s Faculty of Law and served as one of its founding faculty members.


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Past Recipients

Ryan Award

  • Sheila A Murray, Law'82 (2023)
  • Professor Art Cockfield, Law’93 (posthumously) (2022)
  • The Honourable Cynthia Petersen, Law’89 (2021)
  • Betty DelBianco, Law'84 (2020)
  • Donald Carter, Law'66 (2019)
  • Thomas Houston, Law'78 (2018)
  • Stephen Sigurdson, Law'84 (2017)
  • Brian Rose, Law'74 (2016)
  • James Parks, Law'71 (2015)
  • Greg Richards, Law'79 (2014)
  • Justice Jo'Anne Strekaf, Law'80 (2013)
  • David Allgood, Law'74 (2012)
  • Hugh Christie, Law'81 (2011)
  • Senator David Smith, Law'70 (2007)
  • David Stratas, Law'84 (2005)
  • Justice Gordon Sedgwick, Law'61 (2002)

Soberman Award

  • Tony Paciocco, Law'14 (2023)
  • Pam Hrick, Law’13 (2022)
  • Amrita V. Singh, Law’12 (2021)
  • Asher Honickman, Law'10 (2020)
  • Joy Wakefield, Law'12 (2019)
  • Brian Kolenda, Law'10 (2018)
  • Erin Dann, Law'07 (2017)
  • Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Law'10 (2016)
  • Kristin Muszynsky, Law'05 (2015)

Cromwell Award

  • Chief Justice Suzanne Duncan, Law'85 (2023)
  • Norman Farrell, Law'86 (2023)
  • Catherine Latimer, Law’78 (2022)
  • Wendy Whitecloud, Law’84 (2021)
  • Loretta Ross, Law'89 (2020)
  • Justice Judith Beaman, Law'75 (2019)
  • Owen Rees, Law'02 (2018)
  • Justice Mark Peacock, Law'74 (2017)
  • Justice Harvey Brownstone, Law'80 (2016)
  • Robert Frater, Law'84 (2015)

Corry Award

  • Monique M Smith, Law'91 (2023)
  • Blaine Favel, Law’90 (2022)
  • Jock Climie, Law’94 (2021)
  • Pamela Cross, Law'93 (2020)
  • Stuart O'Connor, Law'86 (2019)
  • Peter Johnson, Law'89 (2019)
  • Jim Walker, Law'81 (2018)
  • Jeremy Freedman, Law'82 (2017)
  • Leslie O'Donoghue, Law'88 (2016)