In February 2008, with broad support from students and faculty, the Queen's University Senate unanimously approved a motion to change the designation of the Queen's Law degree from LLB to JD.

Recognized internationally as designating a high-quality second-entry professional degree, the JD will help our students and graduates secure international opportunities and will support the Faculty's goal of becoming "Canada's Global Law School."

Interested alumni can apply through the Faculty of Law for a replacement JD diploma and transcript. As a goodwill gesture we are asking for a donation of $200 to enhance our student programs. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your donation.

All donations will be directed to our Dean's Excellence Fund, an alumni fund used to support student programs and educational opportunities at Queen's Law.

Thank you for your support of Queen's Law.

Conversion Process

Converting your Queen's Law LLB to a JD

If you are interested in obtaining a replacement JD diploma, please submit a completed Request Form to the Student Services Office of the Faculty of Law and include your original LLB diploma or a Statutory Declaration of Loss, if your original diploma has been lost. A new JD diploma and updated transcript will be issued by the Office of the University Registrar and sent to alumni by courier once all the required documentation is received.