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Our alumni make a difference.

QL60 LogoAmong the many ways they give back to Queen's is by contributing to our bursary programs. For our 60th anniversary, we created a special initiative to encourage just that: the QL60 campaign.

It was launched by Dean Flanagan at Homecoming 2017, and for nine months, we've been encouraging our alumni to support our students in need by helping fund our bursary programs.

Our final eight weeks of the campaign, in March and April 2018, are being marked by a weekly series of emails to celebrate the alumni who give back and the students we're helping succeed.

On this page, we'll be sharing some of the testimonials and videos from this campaign -- and celebrating our successes as we get ever closer to our $600,000 goal.

Week Three - March 20, 2018

Our young alumni are a vital part of Queen's Law, and it's amazing to see alumni who seemed to only be here yesterday already contributing to current students' success.

“Queen's Law gave me a strong educational foundation to begin my legal career. I’m donating to the Queen’s Law bursary to help provide the same opportunity to prospective law students.”

Julia Webster, Law’13, Associate, Bennett Jones – Toronto, Ontario

Week Two - March 12, 2018

A video featuring Shelby, one of our 1L students whose lives have been changed by bursary support at Queen's Law:

Shelby Video for Fundraising Campaign

Margaret Waddell

“Supporting the QL60 Bursary Campaign was a no-brainer.

“High tuition costs are now creating a significant barrier to legal education for talented and highly qualified students.

“If we, as a profession, want to ensure that the best and the brightest students can access a top-quality legal education like that offered by Queen’s Faculty of Law, then we need to ensure that the costs of that education are not preventing these students from joining our ranks.”

Margaret Waddell, Law’87
Partner, Waddell Phillips
Toronto, Ontario

Queen's tricolour flag

“We are very pleased to support the QL60 Bursary campaign that will lower the financial barriers to the study and practice of law. When the two of us met in our first year at Queen’s Law in 1977, we were paying annual tuition costs of under $1,000; today it is a staggering $20,000! This bursary program is essential if we want to keep the profession accessible to all academically qualified students.”    

Peter Rekai, Law’80, and Eleanor Somerleigh, Law’80
Partners, Rekai LLP
Toronto, Ontario



Week One - March 6, 2018

Dean Bill Flanagan. Photo: Greg Black

"This year, during our 60th anniversary celebrations, we've identified an ambitious target. We want to enhance the financial aid that we're able to offer our students with financial need. We're very proud of the diverse array of students we are able to draw to Queen's, but many of our students do come here with financial need. We want to do more to help.

And so during our 60th anniversary, we’re raising over $600,000 to build our endowment in support of students with financial need. With nine weeks left in this campaign, we're well on our way to meeting our target. I'm delighted with the alumni who have supported us. Join me in this campaign, so we can top $600,000 and celebrate 60 years of success at Queen’s Law."

- Dean Bill Flanagan, Queen's Law