Exam Administration in the Faculty of Law at Queen's University

The Faculty of Law at Queen's University uses Examplify to administer exams. Those who choose not to use Examplify will handwrite exams. All exams are managed by the faculty with the exception of some accommodated exams.

Exam Dates

Exam schedules are posted at https://law.queensu.ca/programs/jd/academic-program/dates-timetables.

Exam Administration and Accommodations

Computer Examinations and Handwritten Examinations will be administered by the Faculty of Law.

Accommodated exams (including disability accommodations and language-based accommodations) are managed by the central exams office: please visit their site for details. If you require accommodations for exams, please ensure you have registered with Student Wellness Services no later than November 7 (Fall) and/or March 7 (Winter).

Regulations and Policies

All regulations and policies are detailed in the Queen's Law Academic Calendar.

Fee Policy

There is an annual fee of $35 USD to use Examplify. You will be required to pay the user fee before signing in to Examplify. Payments are made online using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.This fee covers all use during the full academic year September 1 through to August 31 each year.

Students with demonstrated financial need may request a fee waiver using the Fee Waiver form. A student who files a fee waiver form must consent to have financial need verified by the Queen's University Student Awards Office. This must be done four weeks before the exam period start date.

Exceptions to using Examplify

  • Students with a documented disability who require exam accommodations must arrange required exam accommodations with Accessibility Services by the required deadline.
  • All students with an accommodation must contact the Faculty's Equity Advisor and send a copy of their Letter of Accommodations.
  • Exchange students with language-based exam accommodations may not participate in the computer use project. They should use the procedures and schedule provided by the central Exams Office.

Pre-Exam Registration Process

You will receive an email from ExamSoft with instructions for downloading the software as well as a username and password. Students should register Examplify upon receipt of the email. If you have any questions or issues with registration, contact ExamSoft technical support at support@examsoft.com or call toll-free 866.429.8889.

Pre-Exam Tips and Questions

Can I practice using Examplify before the exam?

Yes. After registering, launch the program by double-clicking the Examplify icon on your desktop. Click the "Take an Exam" button. On the Exmaplify Start Window, select the "Mock Exam" button. This enables you to familiarize yourself with the exam environment. You may use the Mock Exam as many times as you wish. Note that the Mock Exam cannot be saved and cannot be used until Examplify is registered. Using the practice exam allows you to learn how to display the clock and other formatting tools.

You may need to go to your settings and clear your registration. This may delete previously downloaded exams but they will be exams that have already been completed and submitted. If you have any questions, or issues with registration, contact ExamSoft technical support at support@examsoft.com or call 1-866-429-8889.

What Should I do Prior to Exam Day?

Download Examplify on the computer you intend to use on exam day as soon as you receive the email.


  1. That your PC or Mac can open and run Examplify using its mock exam.
  2. That there is plenty of free hard drive space.
  3. That your computer is virus free.
  4. That your computer is free of disk errors by running Scandisk (click Start Button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Scandisk or Disk Cleanup).
  5. That all updates have been done so you are not held up on the morning of an exam. Alternatively, turn off your automatic updates during the exam period.
  6. Once you have installed and registered Examplify, familiarize yourself with the software by utilizing the built-in Mock Exam.
  7. Ensure that your battery has at least 20 minutes of charge in it prior to the exam in the event there is a temporary power outage.

If you encounter issues in your use of Examplify, visit their website.

Exam Day - Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled exam time.

Report to the designated exam room in Macdonald Hall. The exam schedule with room allocations will be posted prior to the exam period.

Exam rooms will be staffed with a proctor who will distribute the exam question papers. Proctors will provide the password which will allow Exam Takers access to the exam. There will be staff on hand to address any technical issues that arise for students using computers.

If technical issues cannot be resolved within 5 minutes, Exam Takers will start to handwrite their exam answers. Extra writing time will not be allocated.

Reporting Late to a Computer Exam: Notice of Time Penalty

Law students are required to report on time to their examinations. If they arrive late, they are subject to loss of completion time for the examination.

Short Delay – up to 5 minutes

If the exam-taker arrives less than five minutes late and the student can be accommodated by the proctor in the examination hall without undue disruption to a timely start of the examination, then the student will be permitted to set up, log in and commence the computer examination. The student may use the time allotted in Examplify for the examination but will have to continue typing while with other students, who arrived on time, upload their examinations and leave the examination room.

An examination incident report, using student number, will be filed to report the late arrival and will be provided to the instructor with the examination answer paper.

Longer Delay – more than 5 minutes

If the exam-taker arrives more than 5 minutes late to the examination room and the examination has already commenced, the proctor should ask the student to report to the Student Services Office, room 200 in Macdonald Hall.

Exam Day Tips - What Must I do on Exam Day?

  • Bring your Queen's Photo ID card, as it is required for identification.
  • Bring your power cord, battery (in the event of power loss), and an extension cord. If you normally use an external keyboard and mouse or if you need earplugs, you may bring those as well.
  • Bring your ExamSoft username and password to the exam. You will need these to take the exam.
  • Arrive at the exam room at least 15 minutes early, plug your computer into a power outlet, turn on the computer and follow the instructions provided.
  • Do not uninstall Examplify until you receive your exam grading or feedback.
  • Exams will not be delayed or suspended due to computer problems.
  • During the exam, use care when highlighting and deleting.
  • Students who do not take the time to become familiar with their laptop computer or with word processing functions should consider handwriting their exams. No administrative relief will be granted for incorrect use of the software.
  • Do not attempt to resolve computer issues on your own. Ask for assistance from the proctor by raising your hand.
  • Any attempt to disable or tamper with examplify's security features will be considered a violation of the student honour code. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with your equipment and the software and instructions provided by examsoft on its website prior to the start of your exam. Please allow yourself sufficient time to become familiar with your laptop and the application. Commencement of the exam will not be delayed due to a hardware problem with your laptop.

Technical Issues

Students who encounter technical difficulties while installing the exam software should contact ExamSoft technical support directly at toll-free 1-866-429-8889 or support@examsoft.com.

After installing Examplify on your laptop, Queen's Information Technology Services (ITS) advise that you do not load any additional software until after you have finished your exams. Refraining from installing software after you install Examplify will help you avoid potential software conflicts.

If you have installation problems that ExamSoft technical support is unable to solve, you should contact the Student Services Office as soon as possible. 

Contacts for Exam Administration Issues

Margie Gordon, Student Services
Macdonald Hall Room 200B
613-533-6000 ext. 75795

Christina Ulian, Law Programs and Exams Assistant
Macdonald Hall Room 200
613-533-6000 ext. 74261

Mike Brean, IT Support Analyst
Macdonald Hall, Room 411
613-533-6000 x77855

To report an incident during your exam, please do so immediately following your exam:

Helen Connop, Manager, Education and Equity Services
Macdonald Hall, Room 107
613-533-6000 ext. 78147