Exam Administration in the Faculty of Law

All examinations will be conducted remotely and administered using onQ.

More information about exams will be added to this page as details become available. 

To prepare for a smooth testing day, we ask that you read all of the information below. 

Exam Information Session

A virtual exam information session was held on March 28, 2022. 

Exam Presentation Recording

Exam Presentation Slides

Exam Dates

The exam schedule can be found here. Please note it is subject to change. 

Exam Accommodations

If you require accommodations for exams, please ensure you have registered with Student Wellness Services. Also send your Letter of Accommodation to Helen Connop.  

Regulations and Policies

All regulations and policies are detailed in the Queen's Law Academic Calendar. 

Before gaining access to their exam, students will be required to submit an academic integrity statement which confirms their acknowledgement and understanding of the Academic Integrity policies. 

Faculty of Law Exam Administration

Sarah Taylor, JD Program Coordinator
Law Building, Room 200

Christina Ulian, Exchange Program Coordinator
Law Building, Room 200

To report an incident during your exam, please do so immediately following your exam:

Helen Connop, Manager, Academic Success and Student Support
Law Building, Room 107

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are accommodations for additional time applied to 6 - 8 hour exams? 

A: No. The duration of any examination with an asterisk next it has been doubled to provide a universal time accommodation. Accommodations for additional time will not be applied to these exams. 

Q: Can I use Grammarly during my exam? 

A: No. 

Q: Can I use an online dictionary during my exam? 

A: No.