Law Casual Staff Information

Quick reference links:

First-Time Hires

(ie you have not worked at Queen's in the past 12 months), we will need the following:

Please visit the New Employee Payroll Information page on the Financial Services website for more information.

RETURNING EMPLOYEES or EMPLOYEES CURRENTLY WORKING AT THE UNIVERSITY, we will need a completed Casual Agreement Form (provided at link above), signed by your supervisor. A Casual Agreement Form is required for EACH position being worked.

How To Get Paid

  1. Submit all required documentation (see above)
  2. Fill in a time sheet (please make sure all areas are completed – an example of a properly completed timesheet - excluding the required signatures - can be found here).
  3. Obtain your supervisor's approval and handwritten signature on timesheet. If your supervisor is off campus, send the completed timesheet to your supervisor via e-mail to obtain supervisor's approval and signature (copy Law Casual Pay on the e-mail).

Submitting Completed Forms and Timesheets

At this time the Faculty of Law will be accepting payroll paperwork and timesheets via e-mail. Follow the steps below for submission:

  1. Complete required documents and obtain necessary approval from supervisor in the form of a handwritten or digital signature where needed. If approval is not obtained in advance see step 4.
  2. Password protect documents before sending them by e-mail: Protect your PDF file with permissions using Adobe Acrobat XI
  3. Send documents via e-mail to Law Casual Pay (send password in a separate e-mail).
  4. If supervisor does not sign/approve documents in advance, send documents to supervisor, copying Law Casual Pay.
  5. FOR TIMESHEETS supervisors can approve, either by signing the documents or sending approval in writing with the following details:
    • Name of student
    • Position type
    • Number of hours worked
    • Pay period

Employee NetIDs For Student Employees

Student employees can claim an Employee NetID here:

With an Employee NetID students can set up an employee e-mail account and access the MyHR online portal, which provides access to many human resources related services, such as:

  • View and print pay advice slips
  • View and print T4 slips (consent must be given in MyHR to receive T4 slips electronically, instructions can be found at the MyHR Self Service link below)
  • Update mailing and banking information

Learn more about the MyHR Self Service tool here.

For any issues or questions regarding an Employee NetID, please call Queen's ITServices at 613-533-6666, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or use the online help form.

PLEASE NOTE: An Employee Net ID cannot be obtained until all required documentation has been submitted, received and processed. Law Casual Pay will advise via e-mail when paperwork has been processed.

It is very important to keep employee identity separate from student identity! 

Queen's ITS urges all student employees to keep their student and employee identity separate and use your employee e-mail address for work-related e-mail and do not forward an employee e-mail account to a student e-mail account. Find out more at the links below:

Timesheet Reminders

  • For auditing purposes timesheets must include your signature AND your supervisor's signature/written approval.
  • Human Resources prefers that hours be submitted every 2 weeks (the deadlines are typically on a Friday). Please refer to the Payroll Calendar (NOTE: cutoff is marked on the payroll calendar typically every second Tuesday; however, that is the cut-off for entering hours in the system so we ask for timesheets to be submitted the Friday prior to cutoff to allow time to enter hours).