When do I need to be on campus? 
Our first orientation session is on September 1 at 3:00 p.m. at Macdonald Hall. We look forward to seeing you there (if not before). More details are coming soon!

Do I have to pick any courses for September? 
No, the first-year curriculum is standardized. The Student Services Office will begin placing all new incoming students into their courses at the end of June which will then be reflected in your SOLUS account. We’ll send you an e-mail once courses have been loaded.

When will I get my Queen's email account? 
Once your deposit has been received, you'll gain access to your e-mail account, which can be accessed at http://office365.queensu.ca using your NetID and password. We'll continue using your admissions e-mail address until most students have activated their Queen’s e-mail address. We will notify you when we will begin communicating via your Queen's address.

My bank and/or landlord is requesting a letter confirming I’ll be starting law school in September, how can I get one?
Once we have fully registered you in your classes you can access it through your SOLUS account. A Verification of Enrolment is a snapshot of your current or past registration status at Queen's.Students requiring a VOE may generate the form via the SOLUS Student Centre. More information can be found at: http://www.queensu.ca/registrar/verification-enrolment.

I may need academic accommodations for September; who do I contact to discuss?
Helen Connop, Manager of Education and Equity Services for the Faculty of Law can assist you to make arrangements and refer you to the appropriate services. Helen can be reached by email at helen.connop@queensu.ca, by telephone at 613.533.6000 ext. 78147. Please review the Education & Equity Services page of our website.

When I get into SOLUS there is a message saying I need to provide my SIN number. Do I have to?
Yes, for tax purposes, students who receive one of the following: scholarships, awards, bursaries or government student aid must enter their SIN. If you have further questions, please check this website: https://www.queensu.ca/studentawards/financial-aid/income-tax-t4a

If I received a scholarship, when will it get deposited into my account?
Scholarships will be deposited into your SOLUS account in early August 2019.

Are SOLUS and OnQ the same thing?
No, they are two separate online entities. 

  • SOLUS (http://my.queensu.ca, on the top right you'll then see a SOLUS red button to take you into SOLUS) Here you will see your biographical information, your tuition assessment, your timetable, your grades and much more!
  • OnQ (http://onq.queensu.ca) This is where you will go to view your course syllabi, readings etc for each of your classes. Your courses are NOT activated and you can't view anything until September, once Professors have had a chance to update their course pages.

I forgot that my $500 deposit was due on June 1, will I lose my spot?

There is still time to get your deposit in, we'll start following up with those who haven't paid soon. The easiest is to add Queen's University as a payee through online banking, and then use your student number as the account number. Once your deposit has been received it will appear on SOLUS as unapplied credit until tuition has been assessed later in the summer. Check out the website on how to use Online Banking or Telephone & ABM Banking

How do I best prepare for school?

The best preparation for law school is to arrive relaxed and ready to learn. All you'll need to know will be taught to you in class. The professors operate with the presumption that you do not know anything before school starts. Reading ahead will NOT help you and will likely only add additional stress. Relax and have a good summer!

I already have a health & dental plan, can I opt out of the Queen's one?

Yes, you are able to opt-out of the health and dental plan if you are already covered under another plan. More information will be provided to you during orientation week about how to opt-out and when the deadline to opt-out is. 

Does tuition include a gym membership?

Yes, tuition will give you access to our Athletic Recreational Complex which includes a 5-floor gym. 

What clubs are there and how do I get involved?

A club fair will take place in September where you will have an opportunity to check out all of the clubs and join whichever ones you choose.